Credits for foreigners

Banks also address their offers to foreigners residing in Poland.

Our team can help you take out:

  • a cash credit

    to be used for any purpose of your choice,

  • a credit

    on mortgage to purchase a flat, a house or a building plot.

What do you need as a foreigner residing in Poland to obtain a credit?

For the purpose of obtaining financing, you need to complete the documents required by banks, inter alia:

  • an identity document, e.g., a passport,
  • a Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population (PESEL) number,
  • a permanent or temporary residence card in Poland,
  • a documentation confirming an employment or conducting an economic activity in Poland,
  • a document confirming a registration of residence in Poland.

Please note that each bank determines its own criteria for granting credits.

Support in getting a credit by foreigners

Our team of experienced financial experts will support you in finding the best offer to fulfil your objectives. We will also help you complete the required documents. Clients can always count on our assistance at every stage of the credit application process. A failure to have a Polish citizenship is not an obstacle in obtaining financing for you.

Do you want to take out a credit? You need to bear it in mind!

In order to borrow money from a bank, you must meet specified conditions. Credit can only be taken by persons who are at least 18 years old. Many banks also set an upper age limit for borrowers, such as 80 years. The key determinant of the available credit amount is your creditworthiness. It is worth checking all the offers available on the market, because the differences between the proposals of banks are relevant. Perhaps you need financing only for a while? Check with us which bank offers zero entry and exit costs.

When searching for the cheapest credit, take into account the APRC (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge). While concentrating only on the interest rate, you will not take into account the overall cost of the credit. The APRC is calculated on the basis of, for instance:

  • a credit interest rate,
  • insurances (e.g., a life insurance, a loss of income insurance),
  • a commission for the bank,
  • costs of establishing a credit security.